PUBG is a popular virtual player versus player shooting action game, in which around 100 online players face each other in a royal battlefield, face to face with each other or a team of two or four.

The one who persists till the end wins the game. At the commencement of the PUBG game, players are deployed in parachute by any of the selected 4 maps, which are roughly 4 × 4 kilometers (2.5 × 2.5 m), 6 × 6 kilometers (3.7 × 3.7). Km 0), 8 × 8 kilometers (5.0 × 5.0 m).

Players have a distinct incarnation that either wins or dies after landing in the game. The time of deploy is very small, in which the choice of a suitable location has to be selected instantly. In the opening position, the online players are unarmed and in self-made skins.h

 To congratulate the winner, the player is awarded either a form of a prize; one can get many types of clothes by opening the coaches with real money. In addition, the elite passes can help the user get premium items.

Where there is a high risk, good weapons are available. Also, the weapons can be looted by killing another player. Carts are also located at the location, which is helpful in long journeys. Players have the option of playing a first-person approach and a third-person approach.

The goal of the player is to reach the safe playable area or safe zone under the game which is centered at different places every time, and it can be reduced to a level which the player can see in the form of a huge electrified telescope blue wall. By staying outside the area, the player’s power is reduced to sesame, and eventually, they are out of the game if they do not get inside the safe zone sphere.

PUBG APK Android specifications –

  • Latest game Update – December 18, 2018
  • Size of Application – 39 MB
  • Current Version- 0.10.0
  • Android Requirements – Android 4.3 and up
  • Application Rating – Rated for 16+ (Contains Strong Violence)
  •  Game developers – Tencent Games
  • In- application purchase – Yes
  • Developer Mail –

These days, PUBG is a very popular game among youth and millions of people remain active daily. Android users are enjoying this game in large quantity. The passion for this game is similar to the old games like Subway Surfers, need for speed, Temple Run, and Candy Crush. Soon, the new update of the PUBG game is coming with the updated version of 0.10.5. After this update, the game will feature zombies too. According to the official videos released by Tencent, zombies were seen coming out of the water in PUBG mobile game.

The days of the virtual era is increasing day by day. Today everyone is stuck to the Cyber ​​Age. There is hardly a Smartphone user who will not be aware of this magnificent game. We have heard ourselves discussing the game on the intersections many times in the youth.

Perhaps you might have seen this as well. Actually, everyone wants to be the master of PUBG, but it is not so easy. This game is famous in almost every type of gaming platform, whether it is a computer, PS4 or a mobile. You can play this survival game alone and also with a group of friends. Players only need to take care of practice and certain things.

Everyone in the game wants to run behind the drop box, but more rashness proves to be fatal. Most players in the game run away behind this box which is full of surprises. The reason for this is the best robbery found in the drop box.