WWE Supercard is a lovely card – themed battle game for Android and iOS operating systems supporting devices. It is developed by Cat Daddy Games and published by 2K Sports.

WWE is a highly addictive and impressive game. Here, you can easily collect the supercards of your favourite wwe superstars and make them battle the opponents all across the world.

The graphics are extremely attractive and it seems interesting to watch the supercards fighting in the rings. And the winner is determined on the basis of card stats.

Credits are the in-game currency and are required to purchase more wwe superstars cards, especially the rare ones. One of the best method to get credits is to buy them from in-app purchases store. For that, you need to click on the “get cards” option. check this site more detailed guide https://wwesupercardhack.globalhotelexchange.com/

The cost ranges from 2 dollars for small credits pack to up to 50 dollars for Huge credits pack which can give you 6500 credits.

Whenever you desire to spend more credits than you possess at that moment, you will be directly sent to this purchase menu. Probably, it may seem expensive to the users dragging their minds behind.

Earning credits is a tough job. You must have to complete certain that objectives instructed or mentioned in the Objectives Menu. However, if you desire for free credits in wwe supercard, then there are two ways to get the credits for free :

  • Using gift cards : There are two ways to get these gift cards. The first one is getting the gift cards from anyone else. And the second method is to earn them through sites. There are many websites that offeryou credits to iTunes and Google play for free if you complete the tasks (offers) issued by them.
  • Using hex editor : Hex editor is a type of computer programming which allows the manipulation of fundamental binary data. A computer is comprised of this binary data. An unlocked Android or a jailbroken iOS device is required for this editor.

You can also apply some effective wwe supercard hacks like :

  • Play battles : Playing battles provide you  draft picks. These draft picks contain common and uncommon cards, and the luckier ones can grab rare or very rare cards too. Winners are awarded with four draft picks and losers are awarded with two draft picks.
  • ,Watching videos : After completion of a battle clash, an ad-based video will appear. By watching that video you can collect four draft picks. You can watch the ad as many times as you want to accumulate more and more additional points.
  • Upgrade and fusion : In case, you have one or more similar cards, you can upgrade your existing card using extra cards. On the other hand, there is also an option of fusion where you can combine different cards to create a new strong card.

The above mentioned tips would definitely aid you in assembling a good deck of WWE cards and would let you stand robustly in front of your competitors.