In the world of the food industry who isn’t familiar with Gordon Ramsay? Well if you don’t know about him, then we will tell you. He is a famous chef who is popular worldwide due to his exotic food recipes.

He owns a massive number of restaurants which are quite remarkable and have been rated 7 stars. He even teaches people how to cook different recipes, exotic dishes, and other food items.

Restaurant dash by Gordon Ramsay is a popular cooking game which was launched under his initiative in the year 2016. This game features his recipes and cooking instructions which the user has to follow to win and compete against the other players online.

The instructions are both available in text and as well as in the form of audio clips. The best part about this application is that the instructions are in the voice of Gordon Ramsay and helps you to become a master in your cooking skills.

This is ultimately an online multiplayer game where you can battle with other users around the globe through online medium. One can even connect the game account or profile with several social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to share your scores and achievements.

One can begin the game by personalizing the look of your animated chef with whom you have to start the journey in the game. Gordon Ramsay’s voice will give you support for showcasing and improving your culinary skills.

You can battle with other players online and even chat with them through an inbuilt chatroom box. When you start leveling up in the game you can become eligible to participate in the boss battle and that too against Gordon Ramsay.

If you become successful in the game, you can virtually set up your restaurant empire and can improve ranking globally. One needs to have a good set of skills and strategy to play this game and set up your restaurant empire all over the world.

Game features
1. Buy, sell or trade different ingredients used for cooking different exotic dishes and food items.
2. The battle against Gordon Ramsay under the Boss level section. One can also buy or earn rare and unique items for recipes while playing the game.

Game specifications
1. Version – 2.7.3
2. Game size – 89.36 MB
3. Game author – GLU
4. Developer email –
5. Game release date – 28 June 2016
6. License – Free
7. Game category – strategy, cooking, adventure
8. Operating system requirements – Android 4.1 or higher. Supports Apple devices too.

Overall this game is good for people who want to learn to cook different types of recipes under the guidance of great Gordon Ramsay itself. This game requires a good set up strategical thinking and planning for leveling up in the game. One should give this game a try if you want to improve your cooking skills. The best part about this game is that the developers reply instantly to the people who face any problem during the gameplay by mailing at the developer’s mail account.