PSN cards is an easy way to make online purchases without having to provide account details. The PSN cards are available in variety of retail stories present in Canada and United States. The PSN card can also be brought online with the help of play station network whose developers are Sony entertainment. It was the year 2006 PSN came in the form of video games , but after some time it started manufacturing tablets , TV’s and high end televisions.

PlayStation network

This a network that is dedicated for online purchases. The network features a play station store which customers can watch movies, buy gaming accessories and psn cards also listen to music. The service has been made available in 73 territories and is loved by millions of users. The PSN features an online id name. Meaning players from all around the world can identify a user with the help of its online name. The profiles are basically summary of the player’s achievement and rewards that the player has managed during the game.

PSN cards

PSN cards can be purchased from the PlayStation store. Some online accessories are free of charge and some needs PSN cards for purchase. Now there are various websites available on the internet which promises you free PSN cards. In reality that is not true. When you enter the details of the card for purchasing, the results will be not welcoming. The network will say that you used an unofficial card and you might face a permanent ban. This is the reason most of the gamers recommend a legit purchase.

Sony in 2012, came up with a brilliant plan. They introduced cross buy technology. Meaning if you have PSN card that you are not using, then you can send this to a friend which can be helpful to them. It doesn’t matter if you use PSN 4 or your friend is using PSN 3, you will always have the privilege to exchange the PSN card

Genuine sites

There are some site sites that can give you PSN card. Once of this is known as PSNeward. This is genuine website that can give you PSN cards. These cards can give you 1000 points, which you can use it to buy a PSN code. Earning the points to get the PSN card is not hard at all. All you need to go is play some offers present in the website. Now please note that this website can give you PSN card worth of $20, $30 and $10 dollars.

Keep a close track of sites that offer you free takeaways. There are lot of you tubers in YouTube that offer free giveaways of PSN cards. The only thing that you need to do, is to follow their channel and subscribe them. Now you right thing that is impossible to win a gateway, but in reality it is not true. There are a lot of people who have said that they have won PSN cards during giveaways from a particular YouTube channel.