WWE Supercard Events

WWE SuperCard is a game which is released for IOS and Android. It was released on 14th August 2014. 2K games published this game and this game was developed by Cat Daddy Games and Visual Concepts.

It was named “season 2” later. It was renamed because of an update came on19th August 2015. The new version came with different superstars, new music, tokens, and worldwide chat features.

So far there are two events are announced on WWE Supercard by 2k games. 1. Road to Glory 2. The last man standing

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Details about events

1. Road to Glory

In a Road to Glory occasion, players begin at the Common irregularity level and withstand a progression of increasingly hard WWE Superstars.

Players utilize a session to browse a summary of adversaries with differing troubles OR whose decks have the rating of the sensation at each irregularity. 

each Road to Glory game uses a deck comprising of twenty-two cards (16 Superstars, four Divas and a couple of Support) for each the player and mortal. A spherical starts once four cards are managed to each the player and mortal. 

Players choose cards they may wish to play, and therefore the most astounding detail absolute successes and additions a degree. 

The player with the foremost focuses when four rounds win.In the event that a player wins a match, they’ll be granted focuses that go towards overcoming that gift whiz even as half dozen board picks.

 On the off likelihood that a player loses they’ll get no focuses and three board picks. every match prices one session that refills following quarter-hour. you’ll be able to have simply five sessions quickly. 

once a player has achieved the predefined variety of focuses for that genius they’re granted that card and proceed onward to the subsequent irregularity level. Focuses needed increment and reset when each irregularity.

2. The last man standing

Players can begin flipping those twenty-five cards till they find Associate in Nursing someone. 

This outcome during a snappy match, wherever the victor acquires focuses, but the washout provides a heart. within the event that a player loses each one of their souls, it’s down finished.

When each one of the twenty-five cards is cleared, players can get an Associate in Nursing exceptional reward before getting to another Arena with additional cards and more and harder difficulties.

After every triumph, the player will bank their focuses or allow them to ride to expand the number that decides their purpose complete.

 Any player will lose their unbanked focuses on the off probability that they allow them to ride and, at that time lose a match.Those focuses can support a player’s positioning on the Last Man Standing Leader board.

Players World Health Organization rank high on the leader board will gain uncommon Event Cards, with all the additional dominant cards being granted to the foremost noteworthy positions.

There are not any professionals or Heroics qualified throughout the Last Man Standing Event, but the foremost noteworthy positions accomplished within the occasion are going to be additional grounded than a Heroic Event professional attained by suggests that of Ring Domination or Road to Glory.